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Food Delivery from Mainz’s Best Restaurants

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Getting a take away in Mainz is so simple!

Perhaps you live in Mainz and want something great to look forward to at work. Or perhaps you are a tourist who has sampled the attractions of the Printing Museum and the Mainz Citadel and now want to sample the city's culinary delights too. Whatever your reasons for getting a food delivery in Mainz, we make the whole process as quick and easy as can be.

Order from a wonderful array of local restaurants

When you order your take away with foodora, you can benefit from a hand selected list of all of the best restaurants in the city. All of the eateries on our site have been tried and tested by us (it is a hard job, but someone has to do it!). Here you will find so many mouth watering restaurants, such as Da Vito which does amazing Italian food, the Mexican joint known as El Burro and the classic Bullys Burger. From iconic US style fast food to aromatic Thai dishes, and from hearty meaty fare to specialty vegan options, all tastes are catered for in Mainz.

Food delivery is great at any time of day

We can sort you out with a big breakfast before an important interview, a motivating lunch to eat during your break at work, or a simply family supper so that you can save time on cooking in the middle of a busy week. You can also use our take away service to make a special occasion extra special. For example, if your partner's birthday is coming up, why not treat them to a four course banquet from that lovely Indian restaurant that they are already raving about? Lay the table, light some candles, and get ready for a night to remember when they walk in and their face lights up with a grin to see the delicious food awaiting them!

Why choose foodora?

Good question! Actually there are so many reasons to choose our food delivery service when you find that your stomach is rumbling in Mainz. For example, we will get your food to you super quickly. Once you have placed an order, the chef will get cooking and the driver will pick it up from the restaurant and deliver it to you in a matter of around 30 minutes.